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knit fruit-themed baby blankets on blanket ladder in a nursery

Gift-worthy throw blankets adorned with symbols of luck from around the world. Designed with love by a Bay Area mom and expertly knit in the USA by a family-run mill, using machine washable/dryable upcycled yarn.

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Knit Throw Blankets

What customers are saying

AMAZING GIFT. I got the loquat blanket as a housewarming gift for my discerning friends and they loved it! They were so excited by how beautiful, unique and soft the blanket is. They were immediately curious about where I had found such a blanket. Made me feel like a very thoughtful and in-the-know gift giver.”
- Defne

COMFORT LIKE I'VE NEVER EXPERIENCED. These blankets are so much more than just a blanket, they have brought my family so much comfort and joy. They are the highest quality I’ve ever seen in a blanket, they’re long enough to cover your toes, and they are stunning to look at. Everyone that comes over to visit falls in love with them just as much as we have. I know it’s ridiculous to feel so many feelings about a material item, but this blanket truly means so much to us! Worth every single penny!”

“HEIRLOOM QUALITY AND A FIXTURE IN OUR LIVES. I never knew I could love a blanket so much. Our Nazar eye blanket is absolutely gorgeous, beautifully-constructed, and *beyond* cozy. It’s held up really well in the wash—which is great because we truly use this blanket every single day. I can’t recommend it highly enough!”