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Unwrapping a tissue paper wrapped knit blanket with a pomegranate design

I've poured my heart into designing beautiful, meaningful, and functional works of art to brighten your space, comfort you, and help you share warm feelings with others.

Our blankets are knit in the USA [by a family-run mill] from upcycled yarn that is machine washable & dryable. Each blanket arrives wrapped [by my mom] and ready to delight!

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Customers are saying...

AMAZING GIFT. I got the loquat blanket as a housewarming gift for my discerning friends and they loved it! They were so excited by how beautiful, unique and soft the blanket is. They were immediately curious about where I had found such a blanket. Made me feel like a very thoughtful and in-the-know gift giver.”
- Defne

COMFORT LIKE I'VE NEVER EXPERIENCED. These blankets are so much more than just a blanket, they have brought my family so much comfort and joy. They are the highest quality I’ve ever seen in a blanket, they’re long enough to cover your toes, and they are stunning to look at. Everyone that comes over to visit falls in love with them just as much as we have. I know it’s ridiculous to feel so many feelings about a material item, but this blanket truly means so much to us! Worth every single penny!”

“HEIRLOOM QUALITY AND A FIXTURE IN OUR LIVES. I never knew I could love a blanket so much. Our Nazar eye blanket is absolutely gorgeous, beautifully-constructed, and *beyond* cozy. It’s held up really well in the wash—which is great because we truly use this blanket every single day. I can’t recommend it highly enough!”