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Our Story

Superstitchous was founded in December 2019 by San Francisco product designer, Samira Khoshnood, while on maternity leave for the birth of her first child.
The idea to create a gift-worthy luck-themed product had come to her four years earlier, but it underwent many iterations over the years. A demanding job left little down time to make significant progress toward her idea. She worked on it on vacation, her honeymoon, and countless weekends. When Samira found out that she would be having a baby, it seemed that maternity leave would be her best chance at launching the business (this was the naïve thinking of someone who had never cared for an infant before).
A few months into parenthood, she started getting the hang of caring for a newborn, and it was time to focus on creating the business. At that time she had been searching for heirloom quality baby blankets that her son would love that would also compliment her decor. Unable to find exactly what she was looking for, Samira set out to develop a playful yet sophisticated collection of blankets that would be used and loved by people of any age.
She researched the market, designed the blankets, developed the branding and packaging, found the right manufacturer, photographed the products, created a marketing strategy — and after many sleepless nights, punctuated by feedings and diaper changes, Samira launched Superstitchous.