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Our Story

I launched Superstitchous in December of 2019, and since then, this little business has become a big part of my life. Years earlier, while searching for a creative outlet outside of my job as a product designer, I came up with the name “Superstitchous”. It happened in such a serendipitous way that I knew I had to pursue it somehow (a story for another time).

I didn't know exactly what form this "side project" would take, just that it had to be related to luck and gift giving. I decided I wanted to make something universal... something that people kept close... something enduring. One sleep-deprived night while searching for nursery essentials for our newborn, it hit me... a blanket!

I wanted to make blankets to brighten up your space, bring you comfort, and become part of your fondest memories. I drew inspiration from things that are special and nostalgic to me, mostly fruit trees that grew around my childhood home. And I worked with a small family-owned mill to knit them from environmentally friendly upcycled yarn. 

This little venture has given me a whole new way to connect with people. I read every gift message; some have made me laugh, others have brought me to tears. I’ve learned that our blankets have become a part of some people's self care rituals. They’re given as gifts to celebrate life’s big milestones: a birthday, a new home, a new baby, a new job. For many people they’ve been a virtual hug to send loved ones you haven’t been able to see for a long time.

I love this little community that we've built and am so grateful for your encouragement and support!

Warmest wishes,
Samira Khoshnood