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ūüéĀ Gift Guide of Delightful Things

I made a little gift guide of delightful things I‚Äôve either treated myself to, given as gifts, or put on my wishlist this year. Most of them come from amazing women-owned small businesses, and I‚Äôve included the Superstitchous throw blankets that people most often send as gifts. Happy gifting! ‚̧ԳŹ Samira

Persimmon throw blanket from Superstichous [Berkeley, CA] - Colorful calming energy. Persimmon fruit and trees are revered in Japan for bringing good fortune and longevity. In Feng Shui, associated with success in business.
Armagh Bud Vase from MMclay [San Francisco, CA] - Years ago I stumbled onto a cute vintage Airstream trailer that housed the ceramic works of MaryMar. I fell in love with her breathtaking Rocky Bottom bowl, which is now prominently displayed in our living room and I’ve added to my collection over the years.
Sunday Lowball Glass from Estelle Colored Glass [Charleston, SC] - I've been admiring the rainbow of beautiful glass from this brand with heart for a couple of years, and I finally splurged on a few heirloom-worthy pieces recently at a holiday market, where I had the chance to meet the inspiring founder, Stephanie. Her business is a tribute to her grandmother and the pieces are a delight for the senses. 
Scribble earrings from Candid Art [Oakland, CA] - Candice's quilted jackets with her signature prints are so unique and special, and her jewelry is really fun. On top of being a talented maker she’s an incredibly warm and encouraging person.

Loquat throw blanket from Superstitchous  - Vibrant, yet serene. A sweet and tart fruit found in home gardens, considered lucky in parts of Asia, representing gold and wealth.
Avocado Candle from Happy Organics [Merced, CA] - Beekeeper and owner, Jessica, makes a range of sustainable and delicious products, including food-shaped beeswax candles and raw honey from her family’s farm.  
Pear Earrings from Woll Jewelry [Santa Cruz, CA] - Elizabeth makes fun and whimsical jewelry and accessories with subject matter ranging from fruit to sea life. I own a pair of their pomegranate earrings which are a perfect match to my pomegranate blanket.
The Mug from East Fork Pottery [Ashville, NC] - Though they're not a small business or woman-founded, I included them because they have a lot of heart and I find their pieces very comforting. I use their mugs every single day.
Waffle Robe from Parachute Home - This one is a huge woman-founded business, and I’m including it because using their luxurious waffle robe and towels is a part of my daily self care ritual.


Pomegranate throw blanket from Superstitchous - Bold and ornate. Rich with cultural significance for people of Iranian, Armenian, Greek, and Jewish heritage. Symbolizes life, abundance, and fertility.

Mango Charm Stud Earrings from Surmeyi [Palo Alto, CA] - This is a beautiful brand steeped in storytelling, created by my friend, Manasvi. She designs things that empower people to feel at home in their own skin and evoke and embrace their unique sense of belonging. I just ordered the mango stud and can’t wait to wear them.

Ceramic Fig Dish - Yasmin Falahat [London, UK] - I’ve been admiring this London-based artist and ceramisist’s Fig and Pomegranate dishes, but they quickly sell out whenever she has a drop, but her work is too cute not to share. 

Chaos Lattice Planter from Not Work Related [Brooklyn, NY] - Architect turned ceramicist Sarah Hussaini makes playful vessels, and I’ve been eyeing a couple of them. This is another person whose work gets sold out immediately.

Plat Dish Tote from Aplat [San Francisco, CA] - I gifted my mom with one of these culinary carriers and she gets compliments on it all the time. This year I’m getting one for myself, and it makes a great host/hostess gift for people who partake in picnics and potlucks.

Forest throw blanket from Superstitchous - Whimsical and fun. In parts of Europe, ladybugs, acorns, and mushrooms are considered symbols of good luck and protection.

Toast Cutting & Serving Board from Studio Inko [Mill Valley,CA] - Rose was introduced to woodworking at an early age by her father and makes playful pieces from locally sourced wood out of her backyard woodshop.

Magic Forest Ladybug from Centinelle [San Francisco, CA] - This is a fun scarf and accessories brand with hand-drawn designs inspired by the founder Christina's childhood in Mexico City. Several of their scarves and clips are on my wishlist.

Seasonal Jams from Saba Jams - [San Francisco, CA] - Saba Parsa is an award-winning Bay Area jam maker and fellow fruit obsessed Iranian-American immigrant. She makes jams from locally sourced fruit all year long and releases small batches each season. Her jams are divine.

Mini Mushroom Charm from Satomi Studio [Santa Cruz, CA] - I found this sweet little charm by Kristina Kada at a local shop among several other adorable options, like a strawberry, peach, and scissors.

Essential Apron¬†from¬†Hedley & Bennett¬†[Los Angeles] -¬†Ellen is an entrepreneurial inspiration. I devoured her audiobook ‚ÄúDream First, Details Later‚ÄĚ and have admired the incredibly successful brand she‚Äôs built from scratch. This apron has been on my wishlist for a while, but I‚Äôm waiting until I can find more time to cook.

Nazar Eye throw blanket from Superstitchous [Berkeley, CA] - Geometric stunner. Cultures around the world celebrate the Nazar Eye as a symbol for good luck and protection.

Ampersand Tee from Jessica Hische & Friends [Oakland, CA] - Jessica Hische is a lettering legend and overall awesome person. I took her lettering workshop almost a decade ago and have since watched her reinvent herself as a children’s book author and most recently an owner of 2 brick-and-mortar stores. I’d highly recommend a visit to her Oakland stores if you’re in the area.

Hot Cacao from Diaspora Co. [San Francisco, CA] - Sana Javeri Kadri is a force of nature. In her early 20’s she created an industry-changing spice company with consciously sourced and sustainably grown spices.

Persian confessions from Kandu Pastry [Washington D.C.] - This mother-daughter duo make the most delightful Persian pastries. I ordered some for the Persian New Year and they were incredible. Each pastry box is made to order and is as much a feast for the eyes as the mouth.