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Nazar Eye Blanket Wrap
Nazar Eye Blanket Wrap
Nazar Eye Blanket Wrap


Nazar Eye Blanket Wrap

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Only 1 piece left before we retire the wrap!

The Nazar Eye amulet likely originated in Turkey, but variations of it exist across the Middle East, Asia, Europe and Central America, dating back thousands of years. It's thought to bring blessings, power and strength to its owner. It's believed that wearing or displaying this symbol provides protection by deflecting bad intentions.

  • This versatile wearable piece measures about 77" x 24". It can worn as a wrap or folded in half to make a long chunky scarf. Wraps feel slightly lighter than our throw blankets because we use a finer sized yarn in the same material.
  • Knitted from eco-friendly upcycled yarn [75% cotton, 25% poly].
  • Made by a family-owned mill in the USA.
  • Machine-wash separately on cool gentle cycle, or hand wash. Air dry if possible, or tumble dry separately on the lowest heat setting.
  • Pre-washed, no need to wash before use.
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